Sunday, December 19, 2010

River Birch Reclaimed Fiber Art Table Runner

I discovered another fun project! This Reclaimed Fiber Art River Birch Table Runner was such a challenge to my patience and skill. I wish my photography was's just so much deeper in person. I had a special request for a birch table runner so I created a pattern based on table size and began the adventure! The pattern looks a little like a puzzle but I needed each line to fall in place to give a forest of Birch look.

I used three different beige wools for the tree bark and shrouded the deepest one with a couple layers of black netting to push it farther worked great!
Did I say how much I LOVE my free form sewing foot!!!! I have such a whimsical freedom with that little thing...anyway, I used it to create the bark markings mixed with small pieces of felted wool. I combined dressmakers netting and more wool to create the exfoliating bark. Other peels are stiffened cotton all stitched with silver thread.
The three dimentional knots are a must! I love making stuff like this! I finished the edge in a gloriously thick looped cocoa trim for a mix of artistic and formal. This runner measures 54 1/2" long to stretch down the center of a formal size table.

I think I will do a building scape next, perhaps...kid art style! Sky's the limits I guess when it comes to creative freedom!...and I do enjoy creative freedom!

I have to start a few gift certificate envelopes for my family so I'm not sure if I'll get another post before Christmas but I do want to wish you all a beautiful Christmas! I hope your dinners are perfect...your cookies are sweet and your family time is deep and rich!!

Enjoy my friends!
Love, Lenae

Friday, December 17, 2010

Drum Roll Please..........and the Winner is......

Sunni Sandy!!!

Congrats, my dear!
Thank you all for participating in my drawing! I really love doing just makes me smile :)
I hope you all have the most wonderful holiday!
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Merry Christmas!
Love, Lenae

Friday, December 10, 2010

Free Give Away Drawing...Fa la la la la la la la la!

Happy Holidays, everyone!
This is such a lovely embellished time of the year around my house and I just wanted to share a fun selection of my Vintage clock face ornaments with you! As you can see above, they always turn out a whimsical addition to your Christmas tree.
My FREE give away drawing includes my Lydia, Sherman and Job ornaments.

I will be collecting names from here on my blog and my email ( found here or on my contact me page of my website for those of you that don't have a blog.

I will draw the winning name the morning of December 17th and posting it here.

Be sure to drop into my website and check out my new stockings!
Love, Lenae

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW Francesca on Holiday Elfin Christmas Stocking

I'm so excited to share this with you all! I felt like I was encased in Pistachio silk ribbon for days!!! I will tell you stitching yards of this to the edges of fine black dress makers netting was not my most relaxing adventure! haha
Each layered ruffle graduates in size until you reach the top. I found a fabulous black netting with glorious blue polka-dots scattered all over and added a peek a boo strip near the top.
My original inspiration was the costume of a French Can Can know the kind with the poofy ruffle panties ;) The two tone vintage wool blanket I used was exactly what I went looking for; soft carnation pink and ivory. I stitched around some of the floral pattern to give it a quilted depth of sorts. The cinnamon flocked bow was also in the original plan using just a little unexpected color. I created the toe from two sections of coffee and vanilla stained floral cotton and a vintage brass button.
This is one of my favorite parts! I have always love vintage fabric florals so I decided to craft berry velvet rosebud drops embellished with genuine freshwater seed style pearls! I strung them on a soft silk thread and tied them to the stem of each bud; they were just the right detail for this very feminine stocking.
As close as my photos came to capturing the lovely shades chosen for this design, they still don't capture it perfectly. I made a topper of a wonderful faux fur I found...give you an Einstein fun and unexpected! Silly girl! Each stocking's foot is gently stuffed to maintain the original idea and is completely lined in coffee and vanilla stained cotton.

The petite version of this stocking was created to suspend from gifts or packages or tuck in with other stockings on the mantle. This little girl shares many of the same details as her large version including the drop velvet rose buds. You can view all the details of my new works on my website:!
I hope this inspires your up coming holiday festivities!
I'm off to work on my next design...Silly Poppies!

Enjoy!...Love, Lenae

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NEW Great American Suffragette Rose!

I was so excited to find this image! This lovely lady is dressed in vintage whites right down to her toes with large floral embellishments on her wonderful hat!
She is even photographed with a flower. I bet she was just a lovely lady! She paid the greatest attention to detail. I have so many pictures of this suffrage movement and many of the brave women are dressed just like this.
I hope you like her...she is one of my new favorites!
Rose is now avalaible on my website: ...stop by and check her out!

Love, Lenae

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Pupcycle Pimm

I wanted to share my sweet puppy with you. My daughter took the video and if you can't hear what Danny says at the end that makes her spring around it's: squirrel! She loves to hate them!

Enjoy!...Love, Lenae

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My House in My World during All Hallows Eve

Welcome to my house in my world! I had a blast gathering fun things for my daughter's costume ball. My long hallway opening into my living room turned out fun!
I dropped into one of our local craft stores the other day and low there stood a whole bin of blackbirds...I decided I needed a flock. When you walk into my living room, you really have a sense of being watched by the little devils from the window sill.
I was lucky enough to have much of this stuff lying around to convert into a spookier element. I was given a bunch of old bottles so I added poison labels to them. During the party, I burned candles...the glow was fun. The silver glittered skeleton dangle was one of my first purchases...he started the spooky adventure. I've never decorated like this for Halloween. We haven't had a costume party in years and they were other themes and not really the traditional Halloween theme.
The goodie table was a blast! My daughter made cupcakes using white cake mix and added a dollop of Red Velvet cake mix to the bottom or center. When the cupcakes bake they seem to encase the blood really looked creepy!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my world!
Take good care Lenae

Saturday, October 23, 2010

NEW Itty Bitty Fairies and Faeologist's Display Captured Fairies

I had a blast making these little characters! The hand crafted cages are distressed with Liver Of Sulphur and rubbed to a vintage appearance. I displayed them from a wooden hand which is the approximate size of a real hand; they are Itty Bitty Fae for sure! I include a gift box for the little sprites for the Fae collector...hehe
I added a copper tag displaying the date of discovery. They are a charming ornament added to any prim tree OR hide them deeply in the Christmas tree and make a special prize available to its the traditional pickle!
I add vintage linen tags with my signature to the makes them look a little Frenchy to me...not sure why.
I created the footed displays to be a more formal Faeologist's Laboratory display. Drawing from my experience with antiques I chose black with greenish wash in the crevices. I remember this combination from my memory bank...somewhere.I like to maintain a vintage quality appeal so each cage is fasten to the book print Masonite base with little brass screw. I only made a few of these...I'm off to work on Christmas stockings.
Take care everybody and be sure to sign up for my newsletter above for mailings about FREE give away drawings and project updates!

Love, Lenae

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!....and the Winner Is....

Janet Goswick!!!! Congratulations!!!
I want to thank all of you that participated in my drawing and be sure to sign up for my mailing list for up coming drawings, if you haven't already! I'm plotting another one right directly. Hummm....what should it be.....Ah...I know! ;)

ALSO!! Thank you for all your lovely encouragement about my work, it really does mean a lot to me that you all like it; it's like sharing MY wonder with you!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FREE Captured Fairie Drawing! ...Stop by!

To celebrate my Somerset Studio Captured Fairie article; I am soo excited to be sharing my very first Itty bitty Captured Fairie! Yes... this little character is only approximately 2" tall! The cage is a fantastic miniature created with primitive detail in solid copper made right here in my studio in the windlewood. This little sprite is know as Itty Litte of the smallest of the Fae and considered to be good luck if you are fortunate to have found one! :)

Here's how to win her: Just drop into my blog here and leave your name in my comment box with count me in and I will add your name to my HAT for the drawing. If you can't drop your name here just send me an email through my email me link and again let me know to add your name and email and I will add you...simple as that!! I will draw the winning name the morning of September 30th and post it here on my blog.

Be sure if you sign up on my blog that I can follow you back and contact you.

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Good luck!! and have fun!

Monday, September 6, 2010

See My Work in this Months Somerset Studio Magazine!

I'm so excited to share with you my work is featured in this months Somerset Studio Magazine! I'm honored to be included with so many other wonderful artists! Pick it up and check out ALL the fun pieces!
I could only wish that my photography was as beautiful as what they do.
This project is one of my all time favorites! It's a childhood memory of capturing fairies! The vintage style copper cages are crafted right here. Each cage is 100% copper treated with Liver of Sulphur for a distressed aged look. I chose this guage wire to resemble a look of a pecil sketched cage. The copper plate at the bottom of the cage displays the scientific name of the you would find in the laboratory of the Faeologist! haha.
Display several together from chains to look like a laboratory!
Each of the clip fairies are created from vintage candle cups with my own hand crafted copper cages on top. These little creatures display anywhere you can clip them! Several fairies are marked with my Beware of the Fairies scull and crossbones due to their dangerous tendencies.
Be sure to look below at the other work displayed this month in the Witches of West Windlewood!

Also included in this months Somerset Studio magazine...

Look at these proud of themselves! But don't take your eye off them...they're just double trouble! ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

the Winter Brookie

The Winter Brookie, my new stocking! This design is my largest to date measuring 26" long and 19 1/4" from heel to toe. This was an inspired idea for a special grandson. I had a special request for camouflage, water blues, and outdoor sports like hunting and fishing.
Considering the Mossy Oak pattern camouflage, I decided on a seasonal selection of leaves including, Magnolia, Holly with berries and Mistletoe. Each leaf is crafted and cut using my patterns from felted reclaimed wool and individually hand stitched. The Holly berries are individual wooden beads covered with three shades of red embroidery floss. The rolling water is created from cotton cord wrapped with cotton and shimmery blue. the heel is covered with a lovely vintage velvet.
The glitzy ball at the toe is covered with glass glitter.
Now the fish...I LOVED making these and can't wait to find another project for this idea! The fish are created from my pattern; using layers of variety of fabrics stitched in a free form style. The golden felted wool dots are also individually applied and stitched with a dark center. the reddish dots are done in the same fashion. The spark you see is from a final layer of soft yelloe netting embellished with flecks of glitter. I used a vintage piece of lace for the belly. The fish eyes are created from vintage buttons. The fins are gold painted vintage Irish linen and artfully stitched. The larges fish measures 9 1/2" long. The bow is created from a fine French ribbon.
I have fresh new designs on the table and can't wait to get to the details! Picture with me...yards and yards of pistachio silk ribbon, soft black netting, golden stitching, carnation pink and ecru woven floral vintage blanket, cinnamon, ribbon and rich blue glittered polka dots...uhuh. Let's see how this turns out shall we! :)

I want to go right over board on this one!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

NEW Witches of West Windlewood!

Meet Creada Z. DaVinci...she's a clever one with her flying devise. You might recognize the last name. She and Leonard argue over whose idea the flying machine was...she claims it's hers! I drew a pattern for my hubby to make wings from copper. I covered them with antique sheer fabric and coarsely stitched them. They appear to be held on by leather straps.
Beetle Juis is the newest witchly apprentice. She is becoming a master with spells. I loved her image when I found her. The dress is just too fun!
This little girl is embellished with a touch of glitter to her wand and dress for a glimmer of magic.
Hezzerta is a fancy witch. I discovered how to make my own plumes so I have a box of vintage feathers and curled them myself...after all these years I thought you had to buy special feathers. All you do to make a plume is curl it gently like you would ribbon!
This character is Smerna Fizz and her black crow, Griffon, I used a sprinkle of super fine black glitter on Griffon...he looks pretty snazzy with a sparkle!

I loved working on these new characters! Using vintage pics is soo fun because I use the images themselves to create the story for each one... I have these little girls available on my website and Etsy. The witching hour soon approaches my pretties!
Talk to ya soon!
Love Lenae

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the Lexington Art Show

Hi everybody!
I just wanted to share some pics of the Lexington Art show I attended. It was sooo nice to chat with people about such a variety of topics and all passionate! I met other lovely artists and was greatly inspired by them!
You can really learn a lot from seasoned artists that do art shows. This is the first out door show I have ever done and I was intimidated about it at first. My first moments of being open I could explain it like being in the park without my pants on! It felt awkward but eventually I warmed up to it and just shared my work and my own passions about creating.
My captured fairies were very popular. I'm trying to get more listed on my website. Most of you haven't seen them...they turned out fun. ;) you can see them hanging above from vintage distressed chains.
As you can see by my booth, I love to display things! We spent hours of set up time. I will be modifying some props for next time.
I'm looking forward to the next one...where ever that may be. I have a lot to load to my website and Etsy so that's where I will be for now :)
Take care all!
Love Lenae

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Busy!

I thought I would share a couple of pictures of one of my favorite little villages. Lexington Michigan. They have the sweetest atmosphere. I'm very excited and a bit nervous to participate in my first outdoor art show here, August 7 and 8.
I could hardly find photos to post so I think I will drag my camera along and get some myself. Here in Ann Arbor Michigan, they have a HUGE street art show and unfortunately, yesterday, the weather was very bad; I think there might have even been tornado warnings!...Yeh...right!
See why I'm nervous to do an out door show! :l

I've been very busy working on this season's Witches of West Windlewood and a new stocking design so again I've been a bit MIA.

Today is finish the bows day and work on fairies in cages and...maybe a run to Pei Wei for a bite of Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls! If you have never tried your earliest it! They're wonderful!

Well...I better be off...I've fairies to capture! :)