Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My House in My World during All Hallows Eve

Welcome to my house in my world! I had a blast gathering fun things for my daughter's costume ball. My long hallway opening into my living room turned out fun!
I dropped into one of our local craft stores the other day and low there stood a whole bin of blackbirds...I decided I needed a flock. When you walk into my living room, you really have a sense of being watched by the little devils from the window sill.
I was lucky enough to have much of this stuff lying around to convert into a spookier element. I was given a bunch of old bottles so I added poison labels to them. During the party, I burned candles...the glow was fun. The silver glittered skeleton dangle was one of my first purchases...he started the spooky adventure. I've never decorated like this for Halloween. We haven't had a costume party in years and they were other themes and not really the traditional Halloween theme.
The goodie table was a blast! My daughter made cupcakes using white cake mix and added a dollop of Red Velvet cake mix to the bottom or center. When the cupcakes bake they seem to encase the blood spot...it really looked creepy!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my world!
Take good care all...love Lenae


MaygreenFairies said...

Spooktacular!!! Gorgeous decorations, thank you for sharing your wonderful home. x

Len said...

How elegant, what a great party display! Why wouldn't you want a flock of crows? It is surprising what can be turned into a Hallowe'en decoration, your group of bottles would fit right in.

I really like what you did at the top of your blog. The fairy cages and the French ivory look so right together. Great work!

Lenae May said...

Thanks guys! I had a blast!

Dede Warren said...

Thanks for the peek into your word Lenae! I too am not one to do much for Halloween, but it can be fun with kids around.

I wanted to say, that I saw your wonderful art in Somerset's Halloween issue, and then again just recently found you in Prims, I think it was. I LOVE your work, and those StoCKinGs are amazing!!!! Thanks for putting yourself out there, and sharing your stunning work with us.

Doximom said...

Found your fabulous blog by chance and I love it. I am excited about receiving your emails Thanks for sharging

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