Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW Francesca on Holiday Elfin Christmas Stocking

I'm so excited to share this with you all! I felt like I was encased in Pistachio silk ribbon for days!!! I will tell you stitching yards of this to the edges of fine black dress makers netting was not my most relaxing adventure! haha
Each layered ruffle graduates in size until you reach the top. I found a fabulous black netting with glorious blue polka-dots scattered all over and added a peek a boo strip near the top.
My original inspiration was the costume of a French Can Can girl...you know the kind with the poofy ruffle panties ;) The two tone vintage wool blanket I used was exactly what I went looking for; soft carnation pink and ivory. I stitched around some of the floral pattern to give it a quilted depth of sorts. The cinnamon flocked bow was also in the original plan using just a little unexpected color. I created the toe from two sections of coffee and vanilla stained floral cotton and a vintage brass button.
This is one of my favorite parts! I have always love vintage fabric florals so I decided to craft berry velvet rosebud drops embellished with genuine freshwater seed style pearls! I strung them on a soft silk thread and tied them to the stem of each bud; they were just the right detail for this very feminine stocking.
As close as my photos came to capturing the lovely shades chosen for this design, they still don't capture it perfectly. I made a topper of a wonderful faux fur I found...give you an Einstein look..so fun and unexpected! Silly girl! Each stocking's foot is gently stuffed to maintain the original idea and is completely lined in coffee and vanilla stained cotton.

The petite version of this stocking was created to suspend from gifts or packages or tuck in with other stockings on the mantle. This little girl shares many of the same details as her large version including the drop velvet rose buds. You can view all the details of my new works on my website: www.lenaemay.com!
I hope this inspires your up coming holiday festivities!
I'm off to work on my next design...Silly Poppies!

Enjoy!...Love, Lenae


MaygreenFairies said...

Just beautiful!!!! xx

jen said...

I saw you in the Somerset Sew magazine...OMG!
I love your style!

The little treasures on the spools are darling!

sunnisandy said...

The stockings are beautiful Lenae. It shows in each one the details you put into the stockings, you are an amazing artist!

Lainey Parker said...

LOVE these - just beautiful! So much detail and all the care and work put into them really shows.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Your little brain and fingers just keep on making things more beautiful and unique all the time. These are to die for!!

faerie enchantment said...

This is so magical, pure Christmas Enchantment!
Magic and Joy,

Tisha said...

True talent! I am truly inspired. With a world of so much rush, it is very refreshing to feel inspired with your art of stockings. As a working mother and wife, it is hard to find time to feel inspired as I was once, long ago. But it all comes back to me now! You are truly making a positive difference in the world! Thanks for blessing us!

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