Thursday, December 8, 2011

And the Winner Is!!!!!...Melissa Green!

Congratulations, Melissa, and thank you, all, for participation in my Give Away Drawing!

Until next time...

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Love, Lenae

Thursday, December 1, 2011

 Hi everybody!

Wow...I go away for a while and Blogger is different!...goodness!
I hope you all are well and inspired.
I've had a very busy summer with new designs and artistic adventures.

I wanted to share one of my new Elfin Stocking series with you: The Pennyroyals of Peppermint Place. I created the patterns for each of these lovely girls to be a wee bit smaller than my super large Elfin Stockings.
You can view their details on my website on the Elfin Stocking page.
I have a new seasonal FREE give away drawing just starting!
This bundle of Vintage Clock Face Ornaments include 1 Sherman, 1 Henrietta, 1 Muncie and 1 Humphry.
Just leave your comment of Sign Me Up below OR on visit the FREE Give Away Drawing Page ( just after the home button.) on my website to sign up there and I will add your name to my hat!
I hope your all enjoying your seasonal preparations. I added moving to my busy summer schedule and am enjoying the once again warm hearth of a wood stove. We woke up to snow a couple of days ago....brrrr.

The winner will be posted here and on my website December 8.

Now...back to work :)...if that's what you call's just too much fun to be called work!

Love, Lenae