Saturday, October 23, 2010

NEW Itty Bitty Fairies and Faeologist's Display Captured Fairies

I had a blast making these little characters! The hand crafted cages are distressed with Liver Of Sulphur and rubbed to a vintage appearance. I displayed them from a wooden hand which is the approximate size of a real hand; they are Itty Bitty Fae for sure! I include a gift box for the little sprites for the Fae collector...hehe
I added a copper tag displaying the date of discovery. They are a charming ornament added to any prim tree OR hide them deeply in the Christmas tree and make a special prize available to its the traditional pickle!
I add vintage linen tags with my signature to the makes them look a little Frenchy to me...not sure why.
I created the footed displays to be a more formal Faeologist's Laboratory display. Drawing from my experience with antiques I chose black with greenish wash in the crevices. I remember this combination from my memory bank...somewhere.I like to maintain a vintage quality appeal so each cage is fasten to the book print Masonite base with little brass screw. I only made a few of these...I'm off to work on Christmas stockings.
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Love, Lenae