Saturday, August 21, 2010

NEW Witches of West Windlewood!

Meet Creada Z. DaVinci...she's a clever one with her flying devise. You might recognize the last name. She and Leonard argue over whose idea the flying machine was...she claims it's hers! I drew a pattern for my hubby to make wings from copper. I covered them with antique sheer fabric and coarsely stitched them. They appear to be held on by leather straps.
Beetle Juis is the newest witchly apprentice. She is becoming a master with spells. I loved her image when I found her. The dress is just too fun!
This little girl is embellished with a touch of glitter to her wand and dress for a glimmer of magic.
Hezzerta is a fancy witch. I discovered how to make my own plumes so I have a box of vintage feathers and curled them myself...after all these years I thought you had to buy special feathers. All you do to make a plume is curl it gently like you would ribbon!
This character is Smerna Fizz and her black crow, Griffon, I used a sprinkle of super fine black glitter on Griffon...he looks pretty snazzy with a sparkle!

I loved working on these new characters! Using vintage pics is soo fun because I use the images themselves to create the story for each one... I have these little girls available on my website and Etsy. The witching hour soon approaches my pretties!
Talk to ya soon!
Love Lenae


Lainey Parker said...

These are just wonderful! Love the first one with the wings!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful, Lenae! Giggly in fact!
Hugs, Diane

In the Light of the Moon said...

Ooooooh I just get goosebumps Lenae!!These are truly wonderful!!I just love the way your brain works lady..hehhehehe!Big Hugs,Cat

Michelle Palmer said...

They are all amazing... but my favorite is Ms. Fizz!
Such a creative gal~ and FUN!
Hope your week is going great~

Sandy Michelle said...

These are sooo cool!

Sandy xo

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