Thursday, January 26, 2012

NEW Love Spell Captured Faeries of the Windlewood

 I love making these little characters! Is Brea Litriu is Love Spell in Irish. Faerie stories have always been a favorite thing and now that I'm an adult, I feel a little more like an author to another chapter in a faerie tale! I love dreaming up their stories.

I've been very busy of late, working on new designs. I have various projects on all surfaces.

Today I thought up a few wearable art ideas..hum...I need a dress form...haha.
Talk to ya soon...I'll let you know if I get that dress form because if I gotta see this! :)

You can view my new sprites on their own Love Spell Captured Faeries page of my website:


Love Lenae

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And the Winner Is!!!!!...Melissa Green!

Congratulations, Melissa, and thank you, all, for participation in my Give Away Drawing!

Until next time...

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Love, Lenae

Thursday, December 1, 2011

 Hi everybody!

Wow...I go away for a while and Blogger is different!...goodness!
I hope you all are well and inspired.
I've had a very busy summer with new designs and artistic adventures.

I wanted to share one of my new Elfin Stocking series with you: The Pennyroyals of Peppermint Place. I created the patterns for each of these lovely girls to be a wee bit smaller than my super large Elfin Stockings.
You can view their details on my website on the Elfin Stocking page.
I have a new seasonal FREE give away drawing just starting!
This bundle of Vintage Clock Face Ornaments include 1 Sherman, 1 Henrietta, 1 Muncie and 1 Humphry.
Just leave your comment of Sign Me Up below OR on visit the FREE Give Away Drawing Page ( just after the home button.) on my website to sign up there and I will add your name to my hat!
I hope your all enjoying your seasonal preparations. I added moving to my busy summer schedule and am enjoying the once again warm hearth of a wood stove. We woke up to snow a couple of days ago....brrrr.

The winner will be posted here and on my website December 8.

Now...back to work :)...if that's what you call's just too much fun to be called work!

Love, Lenae

Thursday, July 14, 2011

St. Clair Fine Arts Fair 2011

This was a fun show! St. Clair had absolutely perfect weather and soo many people came out! I had a ball meeting and chatting with visitors!

If any of you live close to Lexington MI., stop by the Lexington Fine Arts Fair Aug. 6-7!

I would love to see you!
Take Lenae

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Faeries in the Windlewood!

I haven't disappeared from the planet :)....I've been busy with projects and I can't seem to pull myself away! I wanted to share a little about my New Petite Faeologist Displayed Faeries.

First of all, I LOVE vintage items and old wooden thread spools are on top of my list. Concocting a tiny cage to mount to a small vintage spool is a wee bit of a challenge since they're mounted with 3 tiny brass screws. Each cage displays a dated copper tag. The above largest footed cage actually has ME as a faerie! I have always loved this picture of my first day of kindergarten! I was determined to wear my matching navy blue shoes even though they pinched my toes...the things you remember. I used Monarch Butterfly wings because Monarchs are one of my favorite child hood memories.
I have also created a new selection of Itty Bitty Faeries. They always seem to turn out as dainty as jewelry. In my display above I put 5 old brass screws into the wall in a row...It makes a fun display anywhere. Tiny brass nails would be fun too, maybe with a little vintage button at the end to resemble a push pin.
These are my large Faeologist displays. I found wonderful USA crafted pedestals for this project. I created clusters of faeries for this size. Drop by and check them out:

I also want to share my excitement that my little Faeologist Displayed Faeries are published in this Junes/summer edition of Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine! The Stampington company always does a fabulous job with their publications! I have personally read and learned fun new techniques while also being introduced to some of this nations creative artisans.

Well...I better get back to many things to fiddle with today!
Take good care my friends and be inspired today!
Love, Lenae

Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEW Vintage Lavender Fiber Art Elfin Stocking this was a fun challenge because I wanted to start with a vintage wool blanket with its own pattern and boss it, if you will, to bend to MY idea! The master painters used to paint over old paintings whether to be thrifty with their supplies or just too impatient to go buy more canvases but this idea helps fuel my idea.
The blanket starts with a retro combination of colors of salmon, khaki and a blue green algae on ecru. I found in my travels the most wonderful Irish Mohair in perfect lavender shades. As soon as I found it, I could imagine Lavender buds...I think you will agree,
I cut and free motion stitched each flower cluster. When you see pictures of the deep purple Lavender mounds; the flowers are really in bud form with a few blooms open as I have embroidered with floss and tiny Raspberry Japanese glass bead centers for twinkle.
You can see the woven pattern of this fuzzy blanket on the back.
I'm a fan of mixed textures so to add a decorators touch, this Ecru and French Blue trim is added around the cap.
I had a ball in developing these little girls! Just pile it up. Beautiful rich Salmon pink wool petals embellished with a mossy Alpaca vintage wool with an elegant dressmakers golden netting.
I crafted several petite size stockings in this design and they will be on my website soon.
The featured monogram is created from a vintage Italian metal frame with my own stitched details.
I have several others I will be loading as well. I have been MIA for a reason. :)

"Peace" is a new design too and I will share her with you soon...I think it will make you smile.
I'll be back...
Love, Lenae

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Country Living Fair

Just a glimpse of a past Country Living Fair.

I'm so excited to share that I will be an an exhibitor at this year's Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio!

I am stretching out this year with several art shows and I know I am a little MIA from my blog but I have some really fun new projects that I've finished and new upcoming ones in progress...I think you will like them...I had a great time designing them, searching for just the right ingredients and pulling it all together ;)

I will be getting my new works posted here and loaded to my website soon.

Take care all and Happy Spring!!!
I will be back soon with my goodies!
Love, Lenae