Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEW Francesca on Holiday Elfin Christmas Stocking

I'm so excited to share this with you all! I felt like I was encased in Pistachio silk ribbon for days!!! I will tell you stitching yards of this to the edges of fine black dress makers netting was not my most relaxing adventure! haha
Each layered ruffle graduates in size until you reach the top. I found a fabulous black netting with glorious blue polka-dots scattered all over and added a peek a boo strip near the top.
My original inspiration was the costume of a French Can Can girl...you know the kind with the poofy ruffle panties ;) The two tone vintage wool blanket I used was exactly what I went looking for; soft carnation pink and ivory. I stitched around some of the floral pattern to give it a quilted depth of sorts. The cinnamon flocked bow was also in the original plan using just a little unexpected color. I created the toe from two sections of coffee and vanilla stained floral cotton and a vintage brass button.
This is one of my favorite parts! I have always love vintage fabric florals so I decided to craft berry velvet rosebud drops embellished with genuine freshwater seed style pearls! I strung them on a soft silk thread and tied them to the stem of each bud; they were just the right detail for this very feminine stocking.
As close as my photos came to capturing the lovely shades chosen for this design, they still don't capture it perfectly. I made a topper of a wonderful faux fur I found...give you an Einstein look..so fun and unexpected! Silly girl! Each stocking's foot is gently stuffed to maintain the original idea and is completely lined in coffee and vanilla stained cotton.

The petite version of this stocking was created to suspend from gifts or packages or tuck in with other stockings on the mantle. This little girl shares many of the same details as her large version including the drop velvet rose buds. You can view all the details of my new works on my website: www.lenaemay.com!
I hope this inspires your up coming holiday festivities!
I'm off to work on my next design...Silly Poppies!

Enjoy!...Love, Lenae

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NEW Great American Suffragette Rose!

I was so excited to find this image! This lovely lady is dressed in vintage whites right down to her toes with large floral embellishments on her wonderful hat!
She is even photographed with a flower. I bet she was just a lovely lady! She paid the greatest attention to detail. I have so many pictures of this suffrage movement and many of the brave women are dressed just like this.
I hope you like her...she is one of my new favorites!
Rose is now avalaible on my website: www.lenaemay.com ...stop by and check her out!

Love, Lenae

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Pupcycle Pimm

I wanted to share my sweet puppy with you. My daughter took the video and if you can't hear what Danny says at the end that makes her spring around it's: squirrel! She loves to hate them!

Enjoy!...Love, Lenae

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My House in My World during All Hallows Eve

Welcome to my house in my world! I had a blast gathering fun things for my daughter's costume ball. My long hallway opening into my living room turned out fun!
I dropped into one of our local craft stores the other day and low there stood a whole bin of blackbirds...I decided I needed a flock. When you walk into my living room, you really have a sense of being watched by the little devils from the window sill.
I was lucky enough to have much of this stuff lying around to convert into a spookier element. I was given a bunch of old bottles so I added poison labels to them. During the party, I burned candles...the glow was fun. The silver glittered skeleton dangle was one of my first purchases...he started the spooky adventure. I've never decorated like this for Halloween. We haven't had a costume party in years and they were other themes and not really the traditional Halloween theme.
The goodie table was a blast! My daughter made cupcakes using white cake mix and added a dollop of Red Velvet cake mix to the bottom or center. When the cupcakes bake they seem to encase the blood spot...it really looked creepy!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my world!
Take good care all...love Lenae