Sunday, December 19, 2010

River Birch Reclaimed Fiber Art Table Runner

I discovered another fun project! This Reclaimed Fiber Art River Birch Table Runner was such a challenge to my patience and skill. I wish my photography was's just so much deeper in person. I had a special request for a birch table runner so I created a pattern based on table size and began the adventure! The pattern looks a little like a puzzle but I needed each line to fall in place to give a forest of Birch look.

I used three different beige wools for the tree bark and shrouded the deepest one with a couple layers of black netting to push it farther worked great!
Did I say how much I LOVE my free form sewing foot!!!! I have such a whimsical freedom with that little thing...anyway, I used it to create the bark markings mixed with small pieces of felted wool. I combined dressmakers netting and more wool to create the exfoliating bark. Other peels are stiffened cotton all stitched with silver thread.
The three dimentional knots are a must! I love making stuff like this! I finished the edge in a gloriously thick looped cocoa trim for a mix of artistic and formal. This runner measures 54 1/2" long to stretch down the center of a formal size table.

I think I will do a building scape next, perhaps...kid art style! Sky's the limits I guess when it comes to creative freedom!...and I do enjoy creative freedom!

I have to start a few gift certificate envelopes for my family so I'm not sure if I'll get another post before Christmas but I do want to wish you all a beautiful Christmas! I hope your dinners are perfect...your cookies are sweet and your family time is deep and rich!!

Enjoy my friends!
Love, Lenae


Anonymous said...

Lenae, this is SO DANGED COOL!!! I have to show this to my daughter! She will love it! She is a tree person!
Beautiful! Inventive!
Merry Christmas, girlfriend!

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