Thursday, March 31, 2011

NEW Vintage Lavender Fiber Art Elfin Stocking this was a fun challenge because I wanted to start with a vintage wool blanket with its own pattern and boss it, if you will, to bend to MY idea! The master painters used to paint over old paintings whether to be thrifty with their supplies or just too impatient to go buy more canvases but this idea helps fuel my idea.
The blanket starts with a retro combination of colors of salmon, khaki and a blue green algae on ecru. I found in my travels the most wonderful Irish Mohair in perfect lavender shades. As soon as I found it, I could imagine Lavender buds...I think you will agree,
I cut and free motion stitched each flower cluster. When you see pictures of the deep purple Lavender mounds; the flowers are really in bud form with a few blooms open as I have embroidered with floss and tiny Raspberry Japanese glass bead centers for twinkle.
You can see the woven pattern of this fuzzy blanket on the back.
I'm a fan of mixed textures so to add a decorators touch, this Ecru and French Blue trim is added around the cap.
I had a ball in developing these little girls! Just pile it up. Beautiful rich Salmon pink wool petals embellished with a mossy Alpaca vintage wool with an elegant dressmakers golden netting.
I crafted several petite size stockings in this design and they will be on my website soon.
The featured monogram is created from a vintage Italian metal frame with my own stitched details.
I have several others I will be loading as well. I have been MIA for a reason. :)

"Peace" is a new design too and I will share her with you soon...I think it will make you smile.
I'll be back...
Love, Lenae


sunnisandy said...

This is absolutely beautiful, the details and colors and work that went into this. Lenae you are amazing!

Holly said...

These are gorgeous! Just discovered your blog via my mother's (

Julie Wasson said...

Hi, I wanted to let you know that your article in the newest Somerset Studio Gallery was so much fun! It is obvious when someone has really perfected a craft, and your cages are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your work and inspiring me.

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