Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Faeries in the Windlewood!

I haven't disappeared from the planet :)....I've been busy with projects and I can't seem to pull myself away! I wanted to share a little about my New Petite Faeologist Displayed Faeries.

First of all, I LOVE vintage items and old wooden thread spools are on top of my list. Concocting a tiny cage to mount to a small vintage spool is a wee bit of a challenge since they're mounted with 3 tiny brass screws. Each cage displays a dated copper tag. The above largest footed cage actually has ME as a faerie! I have always loved this picture of my first day of kindergarten! I was determined to wear my matching navy blue shoes even though they pinched my toes...the things you remember. I used Monarch Butterfly wings because Monarchs are one of my favorite child hood memories.
I have also created a new selection of Itty Bitty Faeries. They always seem to turn out as dainty as jewelry. In my display above I put 5 old brass screws into the wall in a row...It makes a fun display anywhere. Tiny brass nails would be fun too, maybe with a little vintage button at the end to resemble a push pin.
These are my large Faeologist displays. I found wonderful USA crafted pedestals for this project. I created clusters of faeries for this size. Drop by and check them out: www.lenaemay.com.

I also want to share my excitement that my little Faeologist Displayed Faeries are published in this Junes/summer edition of Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine! The Stampington company always does a fabulous job with their publications! I have personally read and learned fun new techniques while also being introduced to some of this nations creative artisans.

Well...I better get back to work...so many things to fiddle with today!
Take good care my friends and be inspired today!
Love, Lenae


Len said...

Hi! It was fun to see what you have been up to. The vintage spools used for the base of the cages are great.

connie said...

congrats lenae!
funny i was just peeking at your fairies on sunday!! I feel one is getting ready to fly my way soon!

Groove Press said...

Simply fabulous work !

Tattered Moon said...

Congrats on the publication and your new works are fabulous!

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