Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ohhh Say Can You See...Lady America Fiber Art Elfin Stocking

Introducing Lady America Fiber Art Elfin Stocking. This is another of my large stockings. Limited design of 4. I am attracted to our nations colors for two reasons: Due to the assault on this nations people through mass imports and what seems to be a cracking in some of her foundations on various levels; and artistically, red white and blue is a challenge for me to combine with other elements to bring them to a creative and opulent level.

Created from reclaimed and upcycled wool, satin, red velvet, specially designed clay hearts, and other fibers.When I crafted the little stars from clay, I pressed a texture into them and slightly distressed them for a vintage look. They're held on by little golden beads.
The main color is a sort of water blue... one of my favorite colors. I attach signature labels to the back.
I originally had a different weave pattern in mind but while talking to my son about Faberge Eggs, I noticed on the cover of my Faberge Egg book, this pattern would work better. Each satin weave is hand stitched.
Now...the driving thought behind this design is this: This nation sprang forth from the wilderness due to the efforts of very brave men and women that had a vision for freedom. The Forget-Me-Not flowers are created for this design also for a very specific remind us NOT to forget our heritage.

Enjoy your season!


Holly Loves Art said...

G O R G E O U S and oh so clever! Happy holidays to you!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love the stockings! Hugs***Renea

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