Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Elfin Stockings! Fa la la la la - la la la la

Garnets & Filigree Fiber Art Elfin Stockings! This little number was fun to do. I definitely had to fashion a leather thimble for all the hand stitching...wow...I thought it would never end seeing that I made 4 large ones and 2 small stockings. Lovely shades of garnet to pink reclaimed and upcycled wool is used.
Ok...so the French still have it on some of the most established beautiful quality in this ribbon! I collected and studied vintage apparel when I was younger and what astounds me is that the French ribbon created today is so very similar to that of so long ago! A truly wonderful find!
The bow is constructed from French and altered bows.
I fashioned a rolled edge stitched with gold on this shimmery pleated collar.
I mixed vintage and new iridescent sew on crystals for the random twinkle...yeh...gotta have that right?
This little sweety is a lovely accent for a smaller display or as a drop pocket for goodies from a gift. I did that one year for my children. I have themes every year. This year will be an ephemera year...paper..paper..paper, everything paper.

Happy season's preparations to you all!...have fun!... I am!


Lost bears said...

Hi Lenae!
I remember about our joke about collage:)
December is a hard time for me so if you want I can try to do someone in January...

in the light of the moon said...

What a wonderful stocking.I tried to sign up for your newsletter,but it kept kicking me out.Please sign me up cat1@cfl.rr.com
Warm Regards,Cat

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