Saturday, May 8, 2010

new Captured Fairies in Cages!

Ohhh I'm so happy to share my new Captured Fairies! I just LOVE doing these little characters!
This little dangerous girl is marked with my exclusive fairy warning, Fayette Elva Fae can work her share of mischief! Don't be deceived by her sweet little face.
Lorella Fae is also one of the cute but dangerous Fae discovered deep in the windle wood by our own in house Faeologist! Lorella's petite cage is created from a vintage candle cup with a handcrafted copper cage top. Lorella's cage also displays our fairy scull and cross bone warning tag!
Each cage has my signature tag printed on vintage linen with a tiny metal grommet and string. I think it gives the cage a wee bit of a French look. :)
Finally Buncie Brokk Fae is on display in out NEW copper cages. Buncie is also a dangerous Fae thus marked with our fairy warning. Names are displayed on a hand crafted copper plate.
The above three fairies are exclusively found on Pfatt Marketplace for this month. also would like to thank Sandy Wood of the Pfatt Marketplace for naming me the artist of the month of May. You will be able to find my new Fairies May 10. You will find them here.


Robin Thomas said...


MaygreenFairies said...

Gorgeous, scrumptious, delicious, adoreable fae. xx

Lenae May said...

Aweeee...thanks guys! They're fun!

Lost bears said...

They are so cute!!!!
I love them!

Kevin said...

Wow! Was searching for some art sites and found this awesome blog. Love the style. Can't wait to see more!

Laura said...

I loove your dolls !
I found them on your etsy shop and I'm just in love with them ^^

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I love your fae! I make them as well. Your's are amazing!

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