Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Sunny Work Space

Welcome to my sunny work spaces! I love being able to peek out the window and see the out door activity!
Here's just a small display of things that I enjoy, a fun little tin toy iron.
This is just one of my curvy inspirational items and a comfy rest when needed.
I've been accused of having a ribbon thing...uhh...yeh..I think you could say that. :)
I'm pleased to say that I've added the lovely Midori ribbon to my collection! Wait till you see that! I'm planning stockings around it.

Ohhh by the way...I'm planning on starting giveaways and will be contacting everybody on my mailing list to let them know when and for what. Be sure to sign up for it in the black box if you haven't already! I will also be sending occasional special offers and coupons so don't miss any of it!
Take care!


Beth Anderson said...

Lenae you have a beautiful, bright, fresh and inspiring space. I love it and envy it!

tammy smith said...

wow-I am officially envious of your work space! And it's so NEAT!!! If you saw mine, you'd understand....
hope life has been treating you well Lenae-I miss hearing from you-

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